My Journey With Thrive Life Thrive Life has changed my life in many ways. My husband and myself have been consultants since 2012. I love the food and so the food was why I was interested. I had never seen anything like it. I shared it with my husband, the skeptical type. I made him a salad with Thrive chicken on it and he was blown away. It was fresh, it was tender, it was juicy – his words – and he was sold from that point on. Before long I thought, I can’t keep this to myself! So I started sharing it with other peopleRead More →

Cauliflower Mash This is the perfect alternative to mashed potatoes and also works great as a cauliflower pizza crust recipe! This recipe packs a punch with flavour and Im sure it will quickly become a favourite. It’s a great alternative to regular mashed potatoes and makes an awesome side dish in any meal! What you’ll need: Thrive Life Cauliflower Garlic Powder or Thrive Life Garlic Thrive Life Chef’s Choice Seasoning Butter Thrive Parmesan Cheese What we did: Blend cauliflower to a powder  In a large bowl combine; blended cauliflower, garlic powder, Chef’s Choice and butter. Blend parmesan cheese to a powder Add to cauliflower mixture SlowlyRead More →

Very Berry Smoothie I’ve always been very conscious of what my food does for me and this berry smoothie is crazy high in antioxidants! Antioxidants can protect against the cell damage that free radicals cause, known as oxidative stress.  In short, they help reduce the risk of disease! This smoothie is an antioxidant powerhouse.  It is such an easy smoothie to whip up in the morning that really helps to get your body going and clean you out. It’s high in antioxidants and amazing in flavour. You can add any other superfoods that you wish but this is just my favourite combination and find the taste veryRead More →

Easy Homemade Shepherds Pie I love Shepherd’s Pie, especially in the colder seasons. Thrive Life makes Shepherds Pie SO much easier and quicker to make! You can make it from scratch or from roast beef dinner left overs. This Recipe is a great dinner to make for the family or for your welcomed guests and doesn’t take long at all to make! With Thrive Life’s freeze dried ingredients you’ll have this nutritious meal whipped up in no time! Try it for yourself! Ingredients: 1/3 cup Thrive Life Carrots 1/3 cup Thrive Life Corn 1/3 cup Thrive Life Peas 1/3 cup Thrive Life Celery 2 tbs.Read More →

Cafe Rio Copy Cat  Sweet Pulled Pork Salad I love Cafe Rio pulled pork salad but we can only get it in the USA, and because I’m from Canada its a treat when we go there. You feel like you’re getting all the food groups in a meal, it’s awesome! I LOVE being able to make this at home, and incorporating Thrive Life freeze dried ingredients speeds it up so much that I don’t have to stress about all the prep that would normally be involved! Salsa: Ingredients: 1 cup chopped tomatoes 1/2 cup parsley 1/2 cup cilantro 1 cup green onions 1 tsp. Thrive LifeRead More →

Autumn Home Decor I’ve always decorated for the seasons. There’s something about walking into someone’s home and seeing it all dressed up in the oranges and browns, pumpkins and scarecrows that gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling that Fall brings! I never grew up with our house decked out for the seasons and I knew that was something I really wanted to do for my family. Like I said, it brings a feeling like no other. I like to decorate every room so that when my kids come home from school they really had the feeling of the holiday.  There is a few traditions thatRead More →

Emergency Preparedness My husband and I have never been over-the-top “Doomsday Preppers” but we certainly have invested time and resources to be prepared. After all my husband Dave was a Scout leader for over 35 years and like their motto says…”Be Prepared”! I really think this is great advice for everyone. Disasters come in all forms and sizes from being laid off from your job, health problems that prevent you from working, trucking strike, fuel shortage…to the natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, ice-storms, and the list goes on. Everyone should have a 72 hour emergency kit but in reality something like being laidRead More →