My Journey With Thrive Life

Thrive Life has changed my life in many ways. My husband and myself have been consultants since 2012.

I love the food and so the food was why I was interested. I had never seen anything like it. I shared it with my husband, the skeptical type. I made him a salad with Thrive chicken on it and he was blown away. It was fresh, it was tender, it was juicy – his words – and he was sold from that point on.

Before long I thought, I can’t keep this to myself! So I started sharing it with other people and I realized that people need this in their life! Its so easy, so convenient everybody should know about it. That was kind of our introduction with Thrive Food.

My husband and myself were both in the medical profession before and we know a fair amount about health. We have 5 children and as they were growing up I was always very concerned that they got the right nutrition and that they were healthy. 

We also have a very strong business background. We got out of the medical profession and started several companies. We’re the owners of Sherwood Shelving, here in Abbotsford British Columbia, Canada, which is a manufacturing facility for closet organizers. We’ve been running the business for about 20 years now and have built a dealer network throughout Canada and the United States.

When we saw an opportunity to buy a rank in the Thrive Life business we jumped on it. This is a growing industry and it’s growing fast. The opportunities here are endless. I don’t know anybody who doesn’t eat food, so the target market is literally everyone!

We raised 5 children, as I mentioned, and we now have 7 grandchildren. Thrive is something where everyone can benefit and so we share it with them too. 

When my grand-kids show up to the door they walk straight to the kitchen and almost the first thing they ask is “Grandma can we have some pantry food?” It’s great to hear because we know that they’re enjoying it just as much as we are. 

Family is everything. Spending time with our family is why we are a part of this. We see that there is this new way of doing business now, we want to learn about it. We want to be a part of it and it will affect our family because it allows us to have more time with them. That’s really important to me!

We’re bringing in our business experience and our intent is to figure out what everyone is doing that is effective and how we can help.

Like I said, the possibilities with this company are ENDLESS and it’s something that I am SO excited to be apart of!

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