Emergency Preparedness

My husband and I have never been over-the-top “Doomsday Preppers” but we certainly have invested time and resources to be prepared. After all my husband Dave was a Scout leader for over 35 years and like their motto says…”Be Prepared”! I really think this is great advice for everyone. Disasters come in all forms and sizes from being laid off from your job, health problems that prevent you from working, trucking strike, fuel shortage…to the natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, ice-storms, and the list goes on.

Everyone should have a 72 hour emergency kit but in reality something like being laid off could last for weeks or months before finding a new job. It’s just good common sense to be prepared with a small (and even better a large) supply of food and daily essentials. I remember quite a few years ago now, there was a truck strike and our local grocery stores were cleaned out within a couple of days. NO FOOD! We are really kidding ourselves if we think we can always run down to the local grocery store if we need anything.

When we first got married we wanted to have a small supply of food on hand. We invested in some bags of wheat, barley, rice, different types of beans, etc., but we really didn’t know how to cook and use them. Of course we did but it certainly wasn’t the daily “go-to” items. So they just sat there, and that’s okay because they can without going bad. The problem was trying to store things that would go along with the grains in order to make a great – or even good- tasting meal. LIFE CHANGER – then I was introduced to Thrive Life freeze dried food!

The concept was so foreign to us to be able to store ground beef, chicken, pulled pork, all kinds of fruit, vegetables, the list goes on, on our pantry shelves without spoiling. To really blow my mind is all these things are stored without any preservatives! The only ingredient is the food itself; and to top it off there is more nutrients in Thrive Life than your “fresh” grocery store food. How great is that! It’s so nice knowing that if something were to happen to me and my family, I know we’ll be alright with healthy and nutritious food.

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