Food for the outdoor enthusiast

Lightweight and no refrigeration needed.

Just think of hiking along the West Coast Trail or the Grand Canyon North Rim for a multi-day excursion. Carrying light weight Thrive Life freeze-dried food makes the trip so much easier, but not only the hiking is easier, cooking is a breeze. 


Thrive Life food is packed full of nutrition because the food is allowed to ripen on the vine. As a result there is far more taste along with all the nutrition the food is meant to have. Start preparing for your next trip today by going to the online grocery store. Go to my home page and click on the SHOP icon. You’ll be glad you did!

Thrive Life in the outdoors.

When most people hear the words “freeze dried” they immediately think of the unappetizing food that soldiers or astronauts eat. Freeze-dried foods are great because they’re lighter and have almost no chance of spoiling. So it makes perfect sense that hikers or campers would like freeze-dried foods for those same reasons. But they also taste better than you’d think.

Hikers and campers usually choose to use Thrive for it’s convenience. You can skip the prep of meals, which can also save you having to pack the utilities to prep your food like knives and cutting boards. Thrive allows you to skip the washing, peeling, chopping and thawing when it comes to food prep. Cooking with Thrive means never having to do those dreaded kitchen tasks. 

Thrive foods are lightweight and don’t need to be refrigerated, making them perfect for the great outdoors. Be sure to grab a Meal, or a bag of Snackies for your next adventure and leave the stress behind.