What is RUVI?

Ruvi is whole fruits and veggies, including all that healthy fibre and nothing else, picked at their peak nutrition and freeze dried to lock in those nutrients and all that flavour!

No Additives

No added sugars, flavours, fillers, preservatives, nothing. This is literally just freeze dried fruits and vegetables. Period.

No Preservatives

How can we offer a blend of fruits and vegetables in a packet that stays fresh for months without adding any preservatives?! It’s surprisingly simple. We removed the water! You add it back when you’re ready for Ruvi.

All The Fibre

Fibre is a vital part of fruits and vegetables. It’s essential for keeping your digestive system clean and strong. With Ruvi, you can expect to taste some texture. That’s the good fibre in your drink. And that means your body is loving it.

Packed Nutrients

Once produce is harvested, it starts to lose those nutrients almost immediately. Many fruits and vegetables lose 30% of nutrients within 3 days of being picked! Spinach loses 100% of its vitamin C by day 4! By the time produce gets to your house, you’re likely missing out on substantial nutrients. Not the case with Ruvi. Our Nutrilock process locks in nutrients within hours of harvest.


We give you 1 ½ servings of veggies in every freeze dried food drink, except for Ruvi Clean, where you get 2 ½ servings!

Not a Supplement

There’s a place for supplements, we don’t disagree there. But when put to the test in clinical trials, real whole food outperforms supplements every time. Ruvi is the real deal!

Bottom Line

There really is nothing like Ruvi. It’s straight up goodness that your body is craving in the simplest, easiest-to-consume form: freeze dried whole fruits and vegetables, and nothing else.

Ruvi can change your life! Just take their word for it;

Drink Your Colours

Each pouch contains 4x servings of straight-up whole fruits and vegetables. Nothing else.

No fridge or blender needed.
When you’re ready for a Ruvi, it’s dump, shake, drink.

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